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Om denne ordbog
Denne ordbog er på ingen måde fyldestgørende, men et udtryk for hvilke ord som har været benyttet indtil nu. Man vil sagtens kunne finde andre ord som måske vil være mere korrekte at bruge.
Ordbogen er ment som en hjælp eller et supplement for de studerende på Skive College inden for værktøjsmagerfaget.

Dette kan du finde i ordbogen Longman Dictionary of Contemporary eller "Clausens" Teknisk Engelsk ordbog eller Munksgaard Engelsk Dansk ordbog



Teknisk engelsk

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Punching Tool
Moulding Tool
Milling Machine
Moulding Machine
Punching machine


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Punching Tool

Dette kan du finde i ordbogen Longman Dictionary of Contemporary eller "Clausens" Teknisk Engelsk ordbog eller Munksgaard Engelsk Dansk ordbog

Bottom Plate
Bottomplate = Grundplade, bundplade

Compressive verb
Compressive force = Trykkraft Mater trykbelastning, trykpåvirkning
Compressive resistance = Mater trykstyrke
Compressive resistant = Mater tryksej

Cutting Plate
Cutting = gennemskæring, skæring, snit, skæreevne, stødvinkel

Distance block
Distanceblock = Afstandsklods

Guide1 verb
To help someone or something to move in a particular direction

Holding1 Tap
keep something in position [transitive] to make something stay in a particular position

a part of an engine consisting of a short solid piece of metal inside a tube, which moves up and down to make the other parts of the engine move
Piston = stempel

punch1 verb
make holes To make a hole in something, using a metal tool or other sharp object:
The guard punched my ticket and I got on.
These bullets can punch a hole through 20 mm steel plate.

push buttons to push a button or key on a machine:
Just punch the button to select a track.

punch2 noun
A metal tool for cutting holes or for pushing something into a small hole

Punching tool = Stanseværktøj
Punching Die = stansestempel
Punching Machine = Stansemaskine
Punching Press = Stansepresse
Punching Perforering = udstansning

Plate verb

plate = plade
Plate chuck = opspændingsplade

Rulers2 noun
a long flat straight piece of plastic, metal, or wood that you use for measuring things or drawing straight lines:

Steer1 verb
To control the direction a vehicle is going, for example by turning a wheel:

Steer Lede, føre, styre

Slide1 verb
past tense and past participle slid /slûd/
To move smoothly over a surface while continuing to touch it, or to make something move in this way
slide along/across/down etc
Francesca slid across the ice.
slide something across/along etc
He opened the oven door and slid the pan of cookies in.

Slide2 verb
[intransitive,transitive always + adverb/preposition] to move somewhere quietly and smoothly, or to move something in this way slide into/out of etc
Daniel slid out of the room when no one was looking.
She slid into the driver's seat.
slide something into/out of etc something

Slide bar = Maskskinne, glider, glideflade,[Mask] vange


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Moulding tool

Bush1 noun
Bush = Bøsning

Bush = Indsætte bøsning

To put or hold something in a position so that it cannot move:

Distance Block
distance block = afstandsstykker, afstandsklodser

ejector = udkaster i værktøj
ejector = udstøder i presse

Guide ring
To help someone or something to move in a particular direction

Guide pin
Guide pin = styretap, styrestift

Die set
Die set = Søjlestyr

Feed noun
A tube or piece of equipment which supplies a machine with something, especially fuel

Locating1 ring
To find the exact position of something:
We couldn't locate the source of the radio signal.

Locating2 ring
Be located in/near etc something to be in a particular position or place [= be situated]:
The business is located right in the center of town.

Locating3 ring
To put or build something in a particular place:
Large retail chains are usually only prepared to locate stores in areas of high population density.

Moulding1 noun
a hollow container that you pour a liquid or soft substance into, so that when it becomes solid, it takes the shape of the container:

Moulding2 Verb
to shape a soft substance by pressing or rolling it or by putting it into a mould

Moveable = Bevægelig, flytbar

permanent = Varig, fast, blivende

MET. Indløb, støbekanal

PLAST sprøjtetap, støbetap

PLAST indløbsbøsning (for sprøjtekanal)

Support plate
to hold the weight of something, keep it in place, or prevent it from falling:
The middle part of the bridge is supported by two huge towers.
During sleep, our spine no longer needs to support the weight of our body.

Support plate3
support plate = støtteplade


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Milling Machine


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EDM - Electrical Discharge Machining is a machining process used mainly for producing dies, molds and certain metal parts.

EDM can also be used to produce finished parts, such as cutting tools, parts cut from solids, and items of complex shape.


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Bedways & Shafts
Bedways = Vanger
Shafts = spindler

a liquid or gas used to cool something, especially an engine
Coolant = kølemiddel

Lathe noun
A machine that shapes wood or metal, by turning it around and around against a sharp tool
Lathe = drejebænk

Rack = tandstang

Tailstock = Pinoldok

Slides = vanger

turning = drejning


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Moulding Machine

Controll Verb
To make someone or something do what you want, or make something happen in the way that you want:

To brace in such a way that opposite strains are resisted; to apply counter braces to.
counterbracing = Travers = Maskinafstivning

Extrusion Cylinder = PLAST Udpresning, ekstrudering, sprøjteformning

Formal to push or force something out through a hole

To force plastic or metal through a hole so that it has a particular shape

A vessel of the shape of an inverted hollow cone, terminating below in a pipe, and used for conveying liquids or pourable solids into a vessel with a narrow opening; a tunnel.

A passage or avenue for a fluid or flowing substance; specifically, a smoke flue or pipe; the iron chimney of a steamship or the like.Funnel box

Funnel = Materiale tragt

Heater elements
heater elements = varmelegeme

hopper = tragtformet beholder, tragt

knee = MASK knæled

Loading tray
Loading tray = PLAST doseringsbakke, fyldebakke

moveable fixing plane
moveable fixing plane = Bevægelig opspændings plan

Pillar = Søjle

Screw = snekke, skrue

Thermostat noun
An instrument used for keeping a room or a machine at a particular temperature

Two rods or plates connected by a toggle joint.

toggle = Knæled

Worm wheel
worm wheel = MASK. Snekkehjul, snekkedrev


punching Machine

Ball-spindle = kuglespindel

Clamping 1
to put or hold something in a position so that it cannot move:

Clamping 2
Clamping = Montering på en værktøjsmaskine

eccentric = MASK excentrisk

eccentric circles do not have the same centre point [concentric]

Fixture = Værkt Opspænding, montering

things that are used to hold other things together, for example screws

Flywheel = Svinghjul

a heavy wheel that keeps a machine working at a steady speed

Machine plane
Machine plane = Maskin plan

a piece of equipment used to put weight on something in order to make it flat or to force liquid out of it:

Press = MASK presse

Safety locking plate1
Safety locking plate = Beskyttelsesplade

Tiltable = Kipbar, vipbar

Tilted = skråtstillet, skrå

work table
work table = Arbejdsbord


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